How Do I Run At 40? Part 4

On the day before a big tournament, I will skip a big workout and focus on active recovery? Why? Because a tournament usually means 7-9 games in 2-3 days. My body not only needs to be ready physically, but it also needs to be ready mentally.

Active recovery means giving my body some much needed rest. I will do light cardio for about 20 minutes, followed by stretching and foam rolling. It also means doing things I enjoy and that relax me. Things I love to do in my spare time are read, work on puzzles, watch TV, and enjoy a good beer (but only on weekends).

Do you know how to foam roll properly? Do you know the benefits of rolling? If not, DM me to find out how you can incorporate this into your routine, see better results, move better, and feel better.

Stay tuned for the next post…I’ll focus on hydration and game day nutrition.

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