How do I run at 40? Part 3!

Let’s talk cardio conditioning. Having muscle to be faster, stronger, jump higher, or reduce injury is amazing but in my sport if you can’t run for more than a couple intense intervals you’re probably in trouble. Yes, I know you can get HIIT training with weights but sometimes a little cardio can take you a long way. I add in 1-2 cardio sessions per week (not including playing or practicing). I enjoy both intervals and steady state cardio…and either run, cycle, or run stairs.

So what’s the picture of an activity tracker and HR monitor for? Well, it’s the one thing I try not to forget when I’m doing cardio. Why? Because I am competitive, even with myself. I use my watch for it’s GPS and have a pace set for running. If I don’t keep up, it vibrates to tell me to speed up. Same goes for cycling. I also set a goal every time I do cardio to get my HR to 180bpm (please don’t try this especially if you’re not used to it). It is a bit arbitrary but I like to know how I feel if I’m ‘PUSH’ing myself to my max. If you’re not using an activity tracker and HR monitor (chest strap is best), do you really know how hard you’re working?…and if you’re getting better?

If you’re curious about training with a HR monitor, contact me. I have monitors for clients while training.

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