How Do I Run In My 40’s?

Part 1…

I was asked a few weeks ago how I can still run in my 40’s. Yes, apparently once you reach 40 you can no longer run.

I didn’t ask for clarification, but since it was following an ultimate game, I will assume she meant run fast and do so for extended periods of time without injuring myself (knock on wood). Did you know females are 2-10 more likely to tear their ACL?

The obvious answer was, “well, I workout”. But there is more to it than just working out so I’ve decided to share over the next little bit what I do daily as an athlete in my 40’s.

My Monday workouts consist of full body movements and conditioning. I do speed and agility work, like sled pushes, ladder drills, and cone drills. I also add in movements like cleans, Turkish get-ups, and core/balance movements like this.

If you are an athlete or a weekend warrior looking to improve your strength, increase your speed, agility, and vertical, and reduce your risk of injury, contact me today.

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