Begin the next chapter of your fitness journey…

Moving your body isn’t just good for physical fitness, it’s also part of your emotional well-being. Meet Alison, who has dedicated her life to helping people just like you explore the power of being active.

Alison is a very passionate certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience. Whether you’re looking to increase strength and performance, improve your mobility for a better quality of life, train for sport, or just want to be the best possible YOU… Alison can help.

Start your fitness journey today and see what a little extra ‘PUSH’ can do for you. Contact Alison to arrange a free fitness assessment.

Let’s be real….

Whether you’re a long-time athlete or are just getting started, Alison is here to support you — and push you.

There are no quick fixes here – no promises of 6-pack abs in 10 days, no crash diets or 21 day challenges.

What you get with Alison is real, it’s hard work, and it’s about creating sustainable lifestyle changes to help you feel healthy and fit for the rest of your life!

You get a personal trainer who works with clients of all ages and abilities. You will also see someone who embodies health and fitness and is truly dedicated to her work.


  • Certified PT for 15 years
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • DTS Lower Back Specialist
  • DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals
  • NCCP Coaching Certificate
  • Keeping Girls in Sport Certificate

Alison is a proud member of the community, helping friends and neighbours all over KW meet their fitness goals.

Alison volunteers with two different not-for-profit organizations, coaches ultimate, and plays ultimate as much as possible!

Welcome to Gym 41

PUSH Training uses the facilities in Gym 41, located behind Lot 42 and The Athlete Factory, conveniently located just off Homer Watson and the Hwy 7/8 Expressway.

Take the first step – say hello!

Strength Training at Any Age

Contact Alison today to find out about all the ways working out can change your life for the better – at any age!

STOP the natural aging process with strength training. Not only will you start to look and feel better, but more importantly, you will find you are able to perform everyday tasks more easily, and have more energy!

Better, Faster… Stronger!

Still love playing basketball? Football? Ultimate?! Whatever your sport, competitive or recreational, you can always improve, and stay injury free by including strength training in your routine.

Maybe you got away with natural athleticism in your teens and 20’s, but now you’re noticing it’s tougher to get your body to do the things you want to do. Are you starting to feel the aches and pains a bit more?! Strength training can help.

Not only can Alison work with you to improve speed, agility, conditioning, and vertical jump, she will also help you reduce the risk of injury. Fill out the contact form to see how strength and conditioning training can unleash your inner athlete!

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